Six Straight: Blackman Beats Riverdale

Nikera Simpson, Reporter

Blackman’s rivalry with Riverdale has existed since Blackman opened. Riverdale dominated 2001-2008, however Blackman warmed up to Riverdale’s game. In previous meetings, we’ve won 7 games, including the last 5 games in a row. However, we’ve had close, one point games. On October 20, 2009 the score was 14-13, and on October 29, 2010 the score was 44-43 with Blackman winning both. Riverdale has mostly won playoffs, however in November of 2014, Blackman won a playoff game with a score of 48-21. On September 2, 2016 it has been over 1,700 days since Riverdale beat Blackman, and the streak continues. With a score of 17-14, Blackman has once again defeated Riverdale. With an interception, a field goal, and two touchdowns, Blackman showed what they’re all about. Blackman’s next contender better watch out, because the Blackman Blaze is lit and ready to burn everything in its path.