Stress-free back-to-school outfits

Cierra Williams, Reporter

With summer break winding down, many students are looking for a trendy back-to-school wardrobe. The Blackman Voice headed out to the Avenue to hunt for hip, school-appropriate outfits.

Similar to other high schools, Blackman enforces a school dress code.  Many summer garments and other items are not permitted, as noted in the student handbook:

  1. Bare midriffs, sheer or see-through clothing, bare backs, off-the-shoulder tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts and other revealing garments are not allowed. Visible cleavage is not allowed. SHEER SHIRTS WITH A TANK TOP UNDERNEATH ARE ALLOWED.
  2. Leotards, spandex, lycra, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants and form-fitting clothes are not suitable school wear. However they are allowable if worn in conjunction with other garments that adequately cover the shoulders, chest, and meet school requirements for length.
  3. The length of shorts and/or skirts must be equal to or longer than the fingertip of the individual while standing in a relaxed position. This includes open slits in skirts. RUNNING SHORTS/ SOCCER SHORTS ARE PROHIBITED UNLESS THEY ARE BEING WORN AS PART OF A SCHOOL UNIFORM DURING AN ATHLETIC CONTEST.

Students can still express themselves even within these limitations. The popular retail giant American Eagle Outfitters sells casual clothing that caters to a diverse audience.

Employee Zach Adams, senior, explained what makes AEO a go-to stop for back-to-school shopping.

“We offer quality clothing in a variety of styles that connects today’s trends with everyday people,” said Adams.

The Blackman Voice searched the store and created four perfect ensembles for our fellow J-camp students. (See gallery.)

Tax-free weekend is the last week of July. AEO and other retailers are already prepping for the onslaught of shoppers.