Tutoring Opportunities: To Tutor or Be Tutored?

Lizzy Zink, Copy Editor

With the number of challenging courses offered at Blackman, tutoring has become essential to many students’ academic success. The media center has developed a tutoring program, partnering with clubs such as National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and National Science Honors Society.

“[The tutors] have to take a lot of very difficult classes [to be considered],” librarian Brian Seadorf said.

The tutoring program was started last year, but it has been further developed this school year.

“We started it last year and couldn’t figure it out,” Seadorf said. “I would say this is our second year, but our first year of doing it right.”

“[The students are] mostly Algebra I,” said Nathan Luther, senior, who tutors for NHS.

Many students find the transition from pre-algebra to Algebra I difficult. “Students are not used to high school teachers,” Luther said.

The media center opens at 7:45, and students can come before school to grab a pass.

For more information on becoming a tutor, speak to Brian Seadorf or one of the honor society sponsors. Tutoring is a great way to get in those volunteer hours and help a fellow student at the same time. You might even make a lifelong friend!