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Super Bowl 58 (Kaiden’s Version)

Demaiia King

   Super Bowl 58 was played between the San Fransisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 11, where the Chiefs came out on top with a 25-22 win in overtime. Patrick Mahomes won Super Bowl MVP (most valuable player) with 300 yards and two clutch drives at the end of the game to force overtime and win the Super Bowl. 

   The Chiefs were one of the most doubted and hated teams in the National Football League (NFL) as they led the league in drops. Their problem of dropping the ball got to where they lost multiple games due to drops or mistakes by a receiver. But they still managed to win the American Football Conference (AFC) west. 

   The 49ers established themselves as one of the best teams in the league throughout the whole season. Some fans thought Brock Purdy wouldn’t be able to manage his team to the Super Bowl, but despite all the hate he led his team to the big game. 

      The 49ers weren’t getting the best treatment during their stay in Nevada. A couple days before the game, someone pulled the fire alarm at 6 a.m., making all the players wake up and evacuate. 

   “I think there is no way it’s random. It’s part of it. It’s just more wood thrown on the fire,” stated stud running back Christian McCaffrey. 

   Also, since they were the “away” team they were given University of Las Vegas (UNVL), which is not built for an NFL team and their practices. 

   Blackman alumni Jauan Jennings became the second player to throw and catch a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. Jennings was also the highest rated QB (quarterback) prospect coming out of high school in the Super Bowl, even over the two starting QBs. 

   This Super Bowl was the second one to go into overtime and there were new rules for playoff games that need extra time. The rule is that both teams get possession even if the first team scores a touchdown. The 49ers won the toss and took the ball, and they ultimately ended up losing because of a clutch Mahomes drive where he needed at least three. After the game, there was controversy. Multiple 49ers’ players said they did not know about the new overtime rules until after they had elected to receive it, and they showed it on the big screen. 

  Some tragic news happened for the Chiefs community, as during their parade three gunmen started shooting, killing one and injuring 22. The NFL sent out their condolences to their victims and their families after the tragedy. 

    The NFL season is officially over, and fans are just hoping that there is an exciting offseason as they get ready for next year. 

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