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Weird Laws in America

Shiya Patel

   Laws tell people what they can and can’t do, and if you break those laws there will be a punishment. Whether it is a fine, community service or jail time, it is enough to keep most people from breaking them. But there are some weird laws that nobody would think exist, so students at Blackman High School shared their thoughts on these strange laws. 

   One strange law in Pennsylvania, it is illegal to sleep on top of your refrigerator outside. I’m sure this really made the citizens of Pennsylvania angry because it is very comfortable to sleep outside on top of your fridge. 

   “I think it should be legal because I love sleeping on top of my fridge outside (In Tennessee for legal reasons),” stated junior Jyvanni Plunkett. 

   Connecticut is very particular with their pickles, as they have a law that states that a pickle is not considered a pickle unless it bounces. 

   “That’s just weird, like who really cares,” said sophomore Brandon Tribue. 

   In Memphis, it is illegal for a woman to drive by herself. A man must walk or run in front of her vehicle waving a red flag to warn approaching pedestrians and motorists. 

   “I don’t think anybody would be surprised because it is Memphis so it’s cool,” stated sophomore Alex Ellis. 

   In Alaska, it is illegal to push a moose off a moving plane. This is a very interesting law as it would be very appealing for a moose to even be on a plane in the first place. 

   “L law for real. I want to be able to push a moose off a plane,” stated junior Logan Davison.  

   In Arizona it’s illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub. This is probably why donkeys don’t smell the best. 

“I hate donkeys, they shouldn’t be in bathtubs,” stated sophomore Adrian Gomez. 

   In North Carolina, your bingo game cannot last over five hours. I hope no older people in North Carolina are reading this right now. 

   “Well, who in the world is playing a game of bingo that lasts over 5 hours,” stated sophomore Hana Darnall. 

   In California, you cannot eat a frog that died in a frog jumping competition.  

   “I kind of feel good about this law,” stated sophomore Aleks Erdman. 

   In Georgia, it is illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or a streetlamp. Sad Georgia stopped this because it is a fun thing to do. 

   “I think that’s dumb,” stated sophomore Graham Murray. “Like why do they even have that law.” 

   In Michigan, it is illegal to tie an alligator or crocodile to a fire hydrant. I would really love to see someone attempt to do this, but I guess I will not be able to do it in Michigan. 

   “Darn,” said junior Alex Santos, “that is one of my favorite things to do in my free time.” 

   So, these apparently concerning laws are hopefully followed by the citizens of the states that made the laws. There are plenty more ridiculous laws out there, but hopefully nobody gets arrested for these. 

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