What is the Connection Between Arts and Academia?


Mikaia Jones

Fine Arts and Academia Graphic

The arts are a fundamental part of many students’ education and school careers, and they are beneficial in more ways than one.  

The arts: band, choir, and theater help provide a community for students. It helps foster a place for students to learn and advance, while also being able to form life-long friendships. 

Students from all different groups are provided with a space to socialize and express themselves creatively. They can also learn that individual work comes together to form the end goal. 

“This year, I was a little stressed about switching into a new group of people and mostly stuck to some old friends, but within a few weeks I built bonds with new people that I’ll never regret building. The people you’re around can really make or break something, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a truly terrible experience in any of the arts programs I’ve been in,” said junior Poe Rogers, who’s been a part of Blackman’s band programs since middle school. 

These programs provide balance to students’ lives when the importance of academic performance is heavily encouraged. Additionally, the arts give many benefits to students’ academics. 

Musicianship has been shown to increase IQ, and it uses the same brain function as reading written literature. It has advantages for younger children with reinforces language skills and improving reading levels. 

“Music has provided certain tools for me to use for my academic achievements, such as time management, confidence, has strengthened my memory by a long shot, and my mental health as well,” stated junior Alyssa Mcbroom, who is a part of Blackman’s choir and participated in performances at her church. 

It enhances performance on cognitive tasks, and students’ memory and attention spans. Studies show that people in these programs have greater functional organization and cognitive reserve. 

“I also remember throughout the years some instances where concepts would make sense to me because I could connect them to a music concept,” said Rogers. 

“Being a part of these programs has provided me with a community, an opportunity to better my musical abilities, and if anything, else it’s just fun,” stated Mcbroom. 

Studies show these programs lessen anxiety and stress in students. Singing releases endorphins and oxytocin, which lowers stress and anxiety. Both singing and playing an instrument helps create a state of mindfulness, helping alleviate stress. 

Students learn lessons that carry over to their academics and their everyday lives. They learn the importance of practice and collaboration.  

The arts play a very important role in many students’ lives, and they gain so much from being a part of those programs. A mixture of life lessons, community, self-expression, and the ability to read music and perform.