Co-Ed Cheer: The Spirit of Blackman


Mikaia Jones

Co-Ed cheer

 As coed cheer prepares for competition season, Blackman High School is thrilled. 

The coed cheer team has been practicing arduously since the beginning of the school year. 

As they are preparing themselves for the many events they have ahead of them this year, we asked Coach Courtney Gregory a few questions to know her insights about the team. 

“We have some really good leadership and it’s a rebuilding year in terms of the girls. Everyone is doing a really good job in learning their roles,” Gregory stated. 

The coach explained what a typical day in practice looks like. 

“A competition practice we will come in and do a 15-minute dynamic warmup. This is where they are not just statically stretching; they are moving while stretching. We’ll do some static stretching after the dynamic stretching, and we’ll warm up each of the stunts we have in the routine and then we put it together (throwing the routine),” Gregory said.  

Gregory stated that consistency is one of the qualities that make a good coach. She did not become a coach because she was a great cheerleader who wanted to make a great team, she is just a competitive person by nature. 

“It is a blessing of a job,” Gregory stated. 

“Seeing a kid love to learn, watching them come in lacking confidence and lacking skills, and through cheerleading they learn about themselves, work with the team, and then seeing the success they have whether we win or lose. We’ll either win or we’ll learn,” Gregory said. 

Gregory also highlighted a student that has stood out this year. She stated that Jack Seitz was the best fit for the student spotlight due to his hard work and dedication to the team. She explained that Seitz has been part of the team since day one and now that he is a senior, she would consider him as one of her best team members. 

Seitz commented on why he thought he stood out from the rest of the team 

I was the first guy to ever be on the team for all four years, and I have the most experience out of the other guys on the team.” Seitz stated. 

Seitz plans to continue cheer in college at Ohio State University. He claimed that cheer taught him responsibility and leadership skills. He recommends that people should try cheer because it is fun, and it completely changed his life. 

Blackman wishes them the best in this upcoming season.