Blackman golf’s Lofton McRee reaches the state tournament for third consecutive year


Junior Lofton McRee has played golf at Blackman for three years. He has continued to improve and work hard through the years and his passion for golf is as strong as it was when he started playing. 

“I genuinely love playing, and I love the competitiveness of the sport, not only against other people but the mental game as well. I could go out and have the best or worse round but still want to go play even more the next day,” McRee stated. 

He started playing golf when he was just three years old and began playing competitively at four. He went to state and placed 40th out of 64 individuals this year. In the previous two years, he was in the top 15. 

He believes his strongest attribute while playing is his mental capacity and toughness. 

“I would say keeping my mind focused through everything. Anyone could watch me and probably never see any anger or emotions throughout the round,” McRee said. 

He likes the individuality and pressure of golf. He enjoys the experiences he receives from playing. He plans to continue playing after high school, both in college and professionally. 

“I like how everything is individual and everything is relying on me,” stated McRee. 

His passion for the game continues through wins and losses. His perseverance and spirit for golf is inspiring for all.