Taylor’s Top 10: April

April, the time for sunny and rainy days, is the month to get ready for summer. Here are some of my favorite things: 


  • “F-350 Freestyle” by David Morris  
  • “Things I Can’t Say” by Spencer Crandell 
  • “Lost Stars” by Adam Levine 
  • “ Wonder” by Megan Moroney  


  • Soul Surfer: PG, Netflix, A young surfer wants to surf again after shark attack. 
  • Safe Haven: PG-13, Netflix, A lady moves to a small town in North Carolina. When her old love comes back into her life, she is left with endless possibilities.
  • The Boy Who Cried Werewolf: G, Netflix, A girl is a werewolf, and her brother is determined to kill her. 

Things to do  

  • Shopping for spring and summer clothes: TJ Maxx and Ross for shirts. Buckle for jeans and shoes. These places have great deals, and you can always find something you want.
  • Picnic: Greenway and Old Fort Park are great spots. At night in my truck, I usually put my projector against the back window and eat in the bed while watching a movie. 
  • Fishing at Center Hill Lake is a great activity to do during the Spring. (Taylor Matney)
  • Fishing: The Greenway and Center Hill Lake are some great fishing spots. I usually fish with just worms as my bait for little fish at the Greenway. At Center Hill, I fish for trout with power bait or use a frog lurer.