Taylor’s top 10: March

Spring is around the corner, which means it is time for open windows and blooming flowersThese are some of my favorite songs to play and movies to watch on rainy days and things to do on sunny days. 


  • “Villan” by Lily Rose  
  • “Just Another” by Sammy Arriaga  
  • “Love You From a Distance” by Ashley Kutcher  
  • “Family Reunions” by Maddie Zahm 


Tom and Jerry- rated PG, out in theaters now 

  • The movie is funny and childhood show come to life. The movie is half aminated and half real which makes the movie more interesting because you learn both the perspectives of the animals and people in the movie. 

Raya and the Last Dragon- rated PG– out in theaters now  

  • It was very interesting. It was about a girl trying to repair her country while fighting against others who want the same thing she does—the last dragon 

What a Girl Wants- rated PG- on Netflix  

  • It was a very good movie. It is a classic about a girl finding her dad after growing up without him and him choosing her over the life he had. 

Things to do:


  • Watching something grow is satisfying. Some of my favorite things are tomatoes and watermelonsthey are bigger than what you get in store. 
  • Taylor Matney

    Taylor Matney
  • Taylor Matney’s garden. (Taylor Matney)



  • While biking, you get a clear mind because you are so involved with the earth and the air. The greenway is a good place to go biking with the stone’s river nearby15 miles of biking.