Short film evokes school safety movement

Taylor Matney, Reporter

Information on graphic courtesy of Officer Reed, Blackman High SRO. (Emma Williams)

If Anything Happens, I Love You, is a short film written by William Mccormack and Michael Govier. This film is incomprehensible to parents who have not loss someone in a school shooting, although, it is a powerful film.

This Netflix film shows the grief that parents experience after losing their child to a school shootingThe film shows the parents and the child’s shadows trying to get the parents back to old times when things were better before the shooting happened.

Watchers may not understand everything going on at the beginning, but by the end, you understand what happened and why the parents were so upset.

Procedures in schools have been in place after the Columbine High School shootingWhile Rutherford County has been blessed with no school shootings, many schools across the country have been affected.

Rutherford County is careful with their decisions to keep the schools safe. with the employment school resource officers (SROs) and doors that automatically lock when shut. These careful techniques keep children safe.

Our goal is to create a safe, secure, and peaceful school free from destruction of violence in all its forms, stated Officer Reed, Blackman SRO.

The officers ensure safety in a number of ways and continue to keep the schools safe. Although Rutherford County has select orders in place for the safety of the students and workers at the various schools, every school has its own unique procedures.