Breast cancer fight club

Brenlee Goins, Reporter

Health Occupational Students of America, better known as HOSA, has created a wall here at Blackman outside of E-08 in support and dedication to those who have fought or are fighting breast cancer in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Students wrote the name of a family member or friend that has fought breast cancer on a pink ribbon, and it was placed on the wall.

As October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness, Bergen Sheppard and LaTonya Jones, both health science teachers, wanted to do “more than just a bulletin board” for the month of October, Sheppard said. They certainly did more than a bulletin board.

Creating a wall rather than a bulletin board highlights the importance of the topic and makes it much more personal to students and teachers around the school building.

The wall is located outside of room E-08 and recognizes those who have fought or are fighting breast cancer.

“It seems like we all know someone who has fought or is fighting breast cancer and we wanted to bring awareness to that,” stated Sheppard regarding the purpose and goal of the wall.

The wall could be extremely inspiring for those who have fought breast cancer or even those who are close with someone who has. The wall has touched even those who are not in the building.

“I had a cancer fighter e-mail me and express how much this means to her. She was very touched that our club was dedicating a space to recognize those fighting breast cancer,” stated Sheppard.

As the month of October comes to an end, HOSA hopes that this wall provides encouragement and inspiration to those who are fighting or have fought breast cancer.

Both teachers and students have participated in the dedication wall. People around the building with a loved one fighting breast cancer have participated, honoring their friends and family.

Having knowledge of breast cancer could seriously change someone’s life and maybe even help to prevent becoming sick in the future.

“Many people know what it is but never really take the time to learn more about it and understand it,” stated Sarah Jackson, a senior HOSA club member.

About 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. This makes it likely that many of us know someone who has had this deadly sickness.

Shedding light on an important topic, such as this one, is seriously helpful in educating young women on something that could impact their lives in the future.