How to stay fit in quarantine

Andres Figueroa, Reporter

No matter how the media spins it, many families, students, and workers have been asked to remain inside their houses (or at least not out in public) during the Covid-19 outbreak. Humans are social creatures, so some might become sad during isolation, and others might become bored.

Exercising is one of the best possible ways to remain proactive, busy, and improve oneself.

Many ways to be on the move during quarantine are:

Bodyweight Training

Weights can be expensive to buy or may not fit one’s lifestyle; but either way, bodyweight training builds up muscle and resistance with time and dedication.

Many do it without realizing; push-ups, mountain climbers, squats, sit-ups and many more are bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight training is both inexpensive and convenient.

If there is a lack of motivation, SportsCom does everything in their power to get people moving. The workouts offered range from: Tai-Chi, core, to bodyweight exercises. Sportscom keeps many physically and mindfully healthy with one their hour videos and challenges. (


There is nothing quite like being at the gym, having a goal, with the equipment available at hand. That is why bringing the gym home is the perfect solution.

Adding common tools, such as dumbbells or weights, to the workout builds up muscle. However, to bulk up or trim down, adding weights is a small investment that does not cost any monthly fees.

Turn on the Exercise Channel

Motivation is something that is hard to come by, however, that does not mean the end of a good sweat.

Even without someone near to exercise, cable providers, such as Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum, Dish and countless more, offer a wide selection of programs. Varying from yoga, high interval training, and cardio, you can find whatever you are looking for using cable providers or YouTube.

“Join Us For Virtual Workouts” stated the AHA (American Health Association) to the public on their website. Also, a large variety of workouts are offered daily from Monday through Friday.

The AHA is a non-profit organization that funds cardio-vascular research, and educating individuals to a more active, healthier lifestyle. The exercises featured daily vary from high intensity to soothing yoga.


If the gym is not the ideal place to consider, dancing might be a better option. As well as a variety of styles and music, one is free to choose whatever their heart desires.

With the availability of music, moving around or jamming to it creates a good feeling. When a task needs to be done –organizing, cleaning, or cooking– dancing can spice up these chores to be enjoyable.

For those who want to add dance to their workout, Zumba is the best option. It mixes low and high interval training targeting every muscle group and maintains a healthy cardiovascular system. It is available free on YouTube.

Challenge a Friend

Many people do not like working out alone; having company around to challenge and motivate each other physically is more rewarding. Grabbing either a family member, roommate, or friend creates accountability and reliability.

If doing exercise with a friend that lives far away, programs such as, Zoom and Facetime helps create accountability. Additionally, the built-in liability will pay off and may even give you an in-person workout buddy when the pandemic is over.

Since the virus greatly affects older adults and those with health difficulties, it is important to take care of them throughout these tough times. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) has been mindful of these adults, providing information on how to remain safe and active.

“Physical activity is an important part of healthy aging,” explains the NIH on their website. Challenge a parent or grandparent to read and workout using these comprehensive articles:

Do keep in mind to pace yourself and keep the workout constant. Also, pay attention to any part of the body that hurts and stop immediately.


Even if there is a stay-at-home order in place, people are still able to run around their neighborhood. It is a common practice that helps with blood-flow and mental health.

Some community centers remain temporarily closed and some offer minimal amenities like Patterson Park Recreation Center, for the time being. However, it should not discourage individuals, because many community parks remain open for use.

Different locations vary in what they have, some offer playgrounds, trails, or outdoor gyms. Ultimately all parks are good for a cathartic jog or run.

  • Old Fort Park Greenway
  • Murfree Spring Wetlands
  • Carson Trailhead
  • McKnight Park
  • Richard Siegel Park

However, until the CDC guidelines have changed, anyone going outside needs to practice social distancing and be conscious of others. Follow the CDC guidelines to protect lives while getting fit.

Apps for fitness

Is there nothing better than making this terrible event into a positive opportunity?

It benefits oneself to take the opportunity to change and improve oneself with these free fitness related apps. Nonetheless, for more dedicated training, some apps require a subscription fee.

  • MyFitnessPal
  • Mapmyfitness
  • Freelectics
  • Planet Fitness
  • Nike Training Club

Please stay safe during these times. Remember to first check in with primary care physician for approval to start working out, not every workout is created for everyone.