Falling Inn Love movie review

Ally Blake, Reporter

Falling Inn Love is a newly released romantic comedy (RomCom) on Netflix. 

The main character, Gabriela, wins an inn at the lowest point in her life. This is after Gabriela’s boyfriend breaks up with her, and she loses her job. 

Gabriela then travels to New Zealand to see her new inn. While she’s there, she meets a handsome contractor and keeps running into him. 

The movie as a whole was cute, but it was also predictable.  

Some of the major events in this movie were not realistic to life and society today. An example  for that is when Gabriela won an inn in a completely different country she just quit her job and booked a flight. 

A lot of the conflicts were very similar to the conflicts in Hallmark movies. These conflicts were somewhat childish. 

For example, the main character goes through a breakup and is very upset. This character then makes a careless decision without remembering and runs off to New Zealand. This character falls in love by trying to solve her break up problem. 

The romance was expected, but it was enjoyable. The two characters represented how opposites attract. 

Gabriela was awfully stubborn, but she had a lot of spunk to her attitude. While Jake, the handsome contractor, is extremely nurturing and friendly to everyone around him. 

Falling Inn Love is an okay movie, but the writers could have done better with the plot. I recommend this movie for those who like cheesy romances.  

As far as rom coms go, I give this movie 3 out of 5 flames. 🔥🔥🔥