Sports Short: 2/9-15

Sports Short: 2/9-15

Lexi Mccutcheon, Sports Reporter

Girls Basketball 

  • Played Riverdale High losing 63 to 56, Riverdale. 
  • The Lady Blaze is moving on for the Regions at MTSU. 


Boys Basketball 

  •  Played Riverdale High. The final score was 44 to 39, Riverdale. 



  •  Won the 2019 Region 5 Duel Championship against Tullahoma 48-32. 
  • Played Tennessee High in the State Duels and won 45 to 33 for match one, and then played Beech and won 52 to 20 for match two. 
  • Played Cleveland and lost 51 to 24 for match three and later played Wilson Central, losing 45 to 27 for match four. 
  • Senior Landon Fowler won his fifth region championship. He also won Region 5 Wrestler of the Year and the Region Championships Outstanding Wrestler Award for upper weights. 
  • The ten State Qualifiers are: Adam Tibotosk, Evan Smart, Austin Marlatt, Anthony Gomez, Brooks Sacharczyk, Landon Fowler, Bowdy Boyce, Jalen Brown, Liam Elam, and Alex Rose. 
  • The six region champions are: Alex Rose, Jalen Brown, Anthony Gomez, Landon Fowler, Brooks Sacharczyk, and Bowdy Boyce. 


BHS Varsity Cheer 

  • Won nationals for the seventh time overall and the third time in a row!! 


BHS Swimming 

  • Alexandra Andueza won State Diving Competition as a freshman. 
  • Dominika Pawelska dropped her time on her 100 Breast. 
  • Noah Boyd dropped a second in his backstroke. 
  • Alex Andueza, Josh Allen, Hernan Hernandez, and Noah Boyd dropped 3.2 seconds on their 200 free-relay.