Blackman High Football Managers


Kylie Tarver

The football mangers of Blackman High stand together for a group picture in front of the field house.

You always hear about the football team, but do you ever hear about the football managers? The job is harder than you think. This is an insight to the hard work, effort, and time they put into it. According to the managers, however, it is all worth it in the end. 

Total, there are nine managers; these include head manager Rachel Thweatt, senior, Sage Johnson, senior, Ashlee Jarrett, junior, Amaya Thompson, sophomore, Yyombrea Otey, sophomore, Iranessa Spencer, sophomore, Brooke Higgens, sophomore, Abby Winnette, sophomore, and Emily Penick, sophomore. 

They have multiple different responsibilities from constantly supplying water to washing jerseys. 

“After game days, we have to clean the boys’ jerseys and pants and then organize them by sizes and numbers. We also set up before games and practices. We also help fix the players’ helmets and back plates when they need fixing,” stated Abby Winnette, sophomore. 

It doesn’t stop there, though. There are multiple difficulties they must deal with as well.  

“Some hard things that people may not know about are that the water coolers are heavier than you think, and with only nine girls, it’s hard to take care of all the players and coaches everyday,” stayed head manager Rachel Thweatt, senior.  

When everything is done and they are cheering on their boys in the game, they don’t worry about the stress. 

Most of the managers will tell you they have created a bond with the team, and they are like a family. 

“Being together with the guys and us makes a really good bond for everybody to the point where we are all one good ole happy family,” stated Jarrett. The bonds and memories made have created a family felling among them.  

Players and coaches feel the same way, and they appreciate all the work they put in.  

“From some of the boys, we do get recognition. They appreciate the things we do for them and same goes for the coaches,” stated Otey. 

Without the managers, the players will tell you, the team would be unorganized, crazy, and some even say, the bond wouldn’t be as strong among players. The managers not only help the team, but they also keep the team together and have fun at times.  

“My relationship with the managers is like the ones I have with the players. When I mess up and I don’t wanna talk to anyone, they come to me personally and tell me what I can do better and that everything’s going to be fine,” stated Andrew Hudson-Jackson, sophomore.  

The impact made by the managers is very important. Mental mistakes are often taken care of on the field, and the managers are often as hype as the players when Ia big play is made or when they get a win. 

Thweatt and Johnson, the only seniors, both expressed how they are going to miss the team and the experience they had.  

“I’ve made a lot of great memories and friends, and i’m going to miss them when I leave for college,” stated Johnson. 

All in all, the managers add a really great energy to the team. They are the core of the team, and the force that holds them together.