“No Rain, No Flowers” by Sabrina Claudio Album Review

Alaysia Brown, Lifestyles Editior

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Over time music has changed drastically. The new generation of rap and pop music have completely flipped the original idealism of those genres on their heads. Through it all R&B has remained an all-time favorite due to the fact that the values in R&B music remain true throughout time, barley ever changing. New young artist, Sabrina Claudio, has been a pioneer in integrating a new style of R&B whilst remaining true to the roots of the music. The 22 year-old Miami native has been making music since 2016. She started with covers on Youtube and Twitter before releasing her own EP, Confidently Lost, in March of 2017 on Soundcloud. Later the same year she released he first full-length body of work, About Time, in October of 2017. 


No Rain, No Flowers 

The most recent body of work from the young singer is the EP No Rain No Flowers released on August 15th of 2018. The body features 8 songs of R&B/Soul music. Each song takes on a different subject matter, from love to break-ups Claudio truly put together a diverse selection of songs. The songs are quite introspective in the sense that she decodes her own thought process to see where she went wrong in certain situations while also taking the time to praise herself. 


Come Here– The first song on the EP gives of an air like sultry sound, setting the tone for the rest of the songs to come. Claudio speaks of a love that has changed her in ways that she can’t comprehend, all the singer wants is to be close to her lover, no matter the distance 


Naked– In this song the singer continues with the themes of the first track. She is so in love at she swallows her pride and completely gives herself to her lover, by telling them what they want to here, “All of me is all for you”. She lets go of her reservations and allows herself to fully fall in love. She pushes away her fear of vulnerability to deepen her love. 


Cycle- In this introspective slow jam Claudio reflects on her life and her career. She describes how her trouble will not hold her back any longer. She speaks, “I didn’t make it this far, not to leave my own mark”. She says that this is all part of a cycle and that all things happen for a reason. She makes sure that the listener knows that all troubles are not in vain. 


Creation– Probably the most soulful of the songs on the EP, Sabrina takes a deeper dive into a past relationship, but instead of talking to her past lover, she speaks to her lover’s newest relationship. She claims that the new girl should thank her for all the hard work she has done. She speaks that she has made him into the man that he is. “Now I’ll be glad to hand you my creation” 


Numb-During this song the singer brings attention to the mindset of her lover during their relationship. She speaks on the fact that neither of them are in the right place in their lives to be in a relationship with one another. She asks her lover if they lost their minds whilst in their relationship because they didn’t love and care for each other in the way they should have. 


Control- Claudio takes time in this track to reflect on her mental and emotional state. She gives off a feeling being free and saved from her demons. She has given up on trying to control her story and the vents that happen to her. She been put at peace by the thought that all things are working for her good.  


Messages from Her– To close out the EP Claudio takes time to reflect back on her youth. She seeks knowledge from her younger self due to the fact that she is slowly losing pieces of her current self. Cause nothing can compare to life when I was young”. She finishes the song by saying that she is the only one who will ever truly be there for herself. She tells that she gives messages and receives them from her younger self that solidify her revelation that she is her own best friend. 


Sabrina Claudio has once again released a well-rounded and inclusive collection of songs to be enjoyed by her thousands of fans. After listening to the album cover to cover, you get a good feeling of who Sabrina truly Is and how the events in her life have shaped her into who she is. It is not a stretch to say that the future of R&B music is safe in her hands.