Prom is for Everyone

Morgan Tincher, Writer

Prom season is in full swing in Rutherford County, and no student was excluded from this high school rite of passage. Special needs students from high schools across Rutherford County danced the day away on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, at the Smyrna Town Center.

“It’s just a great event that puts a smile on your face.” said Emily Stock, CDC teacher at Blackman High School.

Siegel High School organizes this annual event at the Smyrna Town Center, but all the schools invited pitch in to make it the best experience possible.

“We have a closet full of dresses for the girls to choose from, and Street Tuxedo donates tuxedos for the boys,” said Stock.

Her personal favorite part is when her students leave for prom; their Blackman peers line the hallways cheering them on and complimenting them.

“It’s a special example of how inclusive our school is,” Stock said.

Student Elizabeth Weatherington attended prom this year, wearing an elegant red mermaid dress. “The dancing was definitely my favorite part, but the food was pretty great,too. This was my first year going to prom, and I will definitely go back next year!” she said.

Students and prom attendees Jenna Smith, Leslie Fernandez, and Tyler Swauger all agreed the dancing was their favorite, too.

“Everyone was in a good mood and just having the best time,” said Smith.

“I liked my tux and the way they set out a cupcake for every place at the tables.” said Swauger.

Blackman only allows juniors, seniors, and senior plus students to attend, but Stock says it’s a great thing for underclassmen to anticipate.

Students all across the country are buying dresses, finding dates, and getting ready for the coveted night that is “Prom.”

At Blackman High School this extra special event makes sure no one is excluded.