Calista Brownlow-Sliding In The Life of A Hockey Player


Danielle Paredes, Reporter

Only 21% of hockey players are girls, and one of them attends Blackman High School.

Calista Brownlow, sophomore, is a member of the Blackman High School hockey team and has been since her freshman year. She stands out from the rest of the players because she is the only girl. Brownlow is now a sophomore and was able to give us insight into the life of a female hockey player. 

Brownlow began her hockey career when she was seven years old.

“I was watching the Women’s Olympic Hockey team and realized girls could play too. I wanted to try it out. Also, my dad has coached and reffed games, and we used to have Nashville Predators season tickets when I was younger,” said Brownlow.

She found joy in hockey and has continued playing for many years.

“I fell in love with the game. It’s really fun especially when your teammates become one big family. They all treat me like a sister. It’s so energizing,” stated Brownlow.

Being the only girl on a team can have its struggles. There are pros and cons, and the girl will have to adapt to the team and find ways to fit in.

“You have to talk like the boys and act like them so that you can have their respect. It’s hard right now because everyone is twice my size and much heavier than me, but sometimes I’m rough and tough and sometimes I’m not,” Brownlow said.

Brownlow has been a part of the Blackman hockey team for two years and finds the atmosphere welcoming. She feels excitement and adrenaline while on the ice and shares a strong bond with the other players.

“It feels good being part of a team. I like feeling like I’m wanted. I have close friends on the team, and one of them is even my boyfriend I met at the beginning of the season of my freshman year,” stated Brownlow.

Brownlow plans to pursue a job in the medical field in the future and hopes to keep hockey as one of her hobbies.