Apply to the Blackman Voice Staff!

Jenene Grover and Maddy Williams

Applications for the 2021-22 The Blackman Voice J-Staff are open! 

Your application is due by January 29, 2021. We have multiple positions open, such as sports, news, and lifestyles reporters, business staff, and graphic designers. 

It does not matter whether you are a distance or in-person learner, you are completely welcome to apply! 

Interviews will be conducted over Zoom during Impact or DLRTI, due to COVID-19. 

You will gain important life experience from any position on staff. As a reporter, you will conduct interviews, allowing you to broaden your social and professional skills. If you are on business staff, you will learn to make important contacts.. On the graphics team, you will learn various programs and design skills that may assist you later in life. 

I joined The Blackman Voice my sophomore year (I am now a rising senior), and with all the events that have happened over the past year, I am lucky to be a part of the staff. The current events have given me inspiration to write, whether it be about COVID or politics. I have always loved editing things, and I am so excited to be editor in chief next year! 

The staff environment is so friendly and welcoming, helping even an introvert feel comfortable being themselves. 

Teacher recommendations are required for the application process, and your teachers should be notified as soon as you decide to apply. 

Good luck, and we hope to see your application! Go Blaze! 

Application Link: The Blackman Voice Application

Teacher Recommendation Form: The Blackman Voice Teacher Recommendation Form

Download the application and a save a copy to your OneDrive AS YOUR LAST NAME, FIRST NAME before you complete the application! Then email Ms. Walker your application: her email is [email protected].

Email Maddy Williams, current editor in chief, with any questions: mwillia[email protected].

OR email Jenene Grover, rising editor in chief, with any questions: [email protected].

If one of the email doesn’t work with your email, copy and paste it or retype it.